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When USB’s (Universal Serial Bus) first came out, they reformed the computing wiring system. Now the majority of computers have USB terminals and house devices with USB capabilities.

SCSI, or Small Computer System Interface, although a bit outdated, as the majority of users have switched to USB devices for ease of connection. Some old personal computers still using SCSI terminals are able to be converted to the latest USB technology by following these simple instructions:

By purchasing a SCSI to USB adapter, it will simplify the connection between the SCSI terminal and the USB terminal. Link the adapter’s SCSI piece to the computer’s SCSI terminal to act as conciliate between the computer and the peripherals. Attach the USB device in to the USB piece in the adapter. This converts SCSI enabled computers to a USB system. The driver software should then be able to detect the connection automatically, making the peripherals work as required.

Cables To Go – 05860 – External SCSI-2 MD50F to SCSI-1 C50M Adapter

Cables To Go – 05860 – External SCSI-2 MD50F to SCSI-1 C50M Adapter

SCSI Adapters will save you time and money from having to buy new cables; instead you are able to adapt your existing cables to interface with the specific connector types found on new model SCSI peripherals. The external SCSI 2 to SCSI 1 adapter makes it simple to connect an external SCSI 2 micro-density 50 pin cable connection to a SCSI 1 centronics 50 pin connection.

Here's what one recent customer said...

Just what I needed, Hard to find. Thank you for the rapid delivery. AAA+

Robert Willis

Ratoc Systems FR1SX FireWire to Ultra SCSI Converter (IEEE1394)

Ratoc Systems FR1SX FireWire to Ultra SCSI Converter (IEEE1394)

The FR1SX converts your SCSI device into a Firewire device (IEEE1394) making it compatible to SCSI HD, ORB, scanners, film scanners, and DVD ROM drives. Connection and installation is quick and simple without the fuss and supports 20MB/s of data transfer. This SCSI adapter comes highly recommended by the many positive reviews listed below:

Got an old 1GB Jazz drive to work on my MacBook Pro with OS 10.5.7. YOU MUST read ALL documentation though, AND go to their website and read some more. Pretty much you have to run their software first, reboot, then 'disable' their utility program… Didn't need a HD 50 pin terminator for the Jazz drive cause it's built in the drive. Seemed to work, good luck!
M. Austin

Product is designed to be plugged into a SCSI port in an older computer to use with a newer firewire device. But I use the product in reverse: the product allows me to use my older SCSI professional scanner with my new computer via firewire!
A. Abrams

I bought the Ratoc Firewire/SCSI Converter to use with 2 different scanners … both of which had SCSI one connectors via an adaptor. They were an Agfa T1200 flatbed and a Nikon LS-1000 slide scanner. Both worked immediately on my Mac G5 system running OS X 10.4.10. No Ratoc drivers needed although I was using VueScan to communicate with them. It is important to adopt SCSI rules, ie switch on scanners and let them get to standby mode before connecting or booting the computer.
C. P. Ridout

Now most laptops and notebook computers use SCSI to USB adapters as a necessity. The advantage with this SCSI to USB adapter is that it can be used on a laptop or desktop computer and will not require an IRQ for your SCSI devices.

The automatic detection allows you to continue without restarting your computer. So if you have an old style of computer and you’re having difficulties connecting devices, its likely you will need one of the SCSI to USB adapters to get things running smoothly.

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Video With Some General USB Troubleshooting Tips: